[Year 3 - Year 10]

This presentation and workshop shows students the hip hop spirit of science and gives them the confidence to bust their moves on the dance floor and in the lab!


Key learning areas include science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM), with student-centred learning as the focus.


Students will leave with basic proficiency in hip hop dance foundations, and some perspectives in the history of science.


Photos by facesbyglow

“Our class really enjoyed your hip hop and science lesson today. We really enjoyed how you taught us new dance moves like the smurf the twist-o-flex and the J.B. they were really funky and out of this world. Our class says they would definitely love to do it again. We all appreciate how much time and effort you put into this workshop making it the best workshop this week. All the moves we saw and learnt today were nothing any of us had seen before. We all liked how you made us include a part of us in each dance move it was very entertaining.”
— Archie 6F
“I really appreciate your hard work and would 110% do it again, incorporating science and hip-hop was something I’ve never seen before and you were very enthusiastic and positive. I enjoyed answering questions and I think it was awesome that you made learning amusing. You encouraged us to incorporate ourselves in dance and to be creative. I wouldn’t change a single thing in your workshop. You were the funniest person I’ve ever met besides myself :). You had the best workshop this week.”
— Laura K. 5/6 F